Casino gaming seems to have reached its zenith with mobile phone innovations. These days thanks to smartphones and tablets, there’s no way not to make time to play casino games that come with real cash rewards. In the past you would have been required to take a drive down to your local casino or pub, or you would have had to wait until you got home to go online, but now you don’t need to wait at all! Mobile casino proliferation is only climbing and this means that the technology used to make these games is also advancing at a rapid rate. Soon the Live Dealer options that have become quite prevalent at online casinos will also be available to mobile casino players. For now though you can take part in the skill and luck that all forms part of the action that is mobile European Blackjack.

All mobile users are invited and there’s practically no device this classic game of skill and luck will not function on. Bring out your tablet if you’ve got more than just a few moments to spare or utilize the European Blackjack app on your phone for the potential of huge returns. The tablet with its larger screen will really bring the game to life whereby your smartphone is ideal if you’re waiting in line somewhere and you’ve got a moment to play a few hands and win some cash while you’re at it. Android, iOS and HTML 5 all help to expand the reach and range of European Blackjack across the board which makes this game available as a native app and as a browser based game.

European Blackjack Basics

This game does differ from its American counterpart in terms of the Hole Card rule, which in the case of this game does not apply. The Hole Card rule can be somewhat beneficial to the dealer as it allows the dealer to get two cards and check for Blackjack before further play may continue. With European Blackjack the dealer receives one card and once the players have received their cards and made their moves, may the dealer get his remaining cards to complete his hand. As for the rest of European Blackjack, it operates in line with standard rules, which essentially boil down to getting 21.

Play for Fun or Real Money

If you enjoy games that combine skill and strategy, but still have an element of luck to them, then European Blackjack is the right choice for you. You can enjoy this game for real money at the leading American-friendly casinos we endorse if you live in a State that allows for this, or you can play for free instead. Blackjack may not be considered the most social game, but when you play for free you’ll find out just how much fun it can be, especially if you enter into a competition or tournament that sees you face off with other likeminded players!

Join in the fun and play European Blackjack at the leading American mobile casinos we suggest - getting to 21 and beating the dealer has never been this enjoyable!