Heroes Of The Storm is a widely popular online game, played by many on a professional level. Created by Blizzard, the game would be described as a MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena in which two teams of five go head to head in order to ultimately destroy the enemy team. Recently, Heroes Of The Storm betting has become incredibly popular, with an ever-growing number of online bookmakers offering odds for tournaments and competitions.

The competitive league is referred to as the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, or HGC. The best teams from North America, Korea, China, and Europe compete in local tournaments, as well as in elite crossover tournaments that involve the best teams from around the world. Mobile eSports betting occurs on every level of the championship league battles

Local And International League Tournaments

There are the various major league tournaments that occur leading up to the HGC Finals, which occur in October and involve the 12 best teams from around the world.

League Play Weeks occur between January and February, and June and July. 8 teams per region participate.

The Western Clash and Eastern Clash occurs in Mach and August, and likewise has an unlimited number of the top teams from each region go head to head.

The HGC Playoffs are in April and September, with middle ranked teams battling it out in order to climb the ranks.

The Mid Season Brawl, in May, is highly anticipated, seeing the top 12 international teams battle it out. Those interested in Heroes of the Storm betting pay close attention, as this is where valuable information is gathered for the HGC finals.

Top Leagues

When participating in Heroes of the Storm betting, the smartest approach is to take a look at which leagues are the current top rated in the world. Of course, just because a team or league is top rated, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to win, but understanding which teams have the advantage is certainly recommended.

The performance of a Heroes eSports team is generally ranked by how many tournaments the team has taken part in, as well as the recent win ratio of that team, and how much the team has earned via professional tournaments. These are some of the top 5 in the world, though be sure to check the statistics for yourself before placing a bet.

  • Gen.G eSports

Gen.G eSports, a Korean team, is rated as the top performing league in the world, with an all time win ratio of 91%. They have earned a massive $700,000 in prize money, and are generally favored as the winners in any match they participate in. They have played in only 4 official tournaments at the time of this being written. They are very popular in .

  • Dignitas

Dignitas is a well-known European team, and has been active for far longer than many other teams. They have an overall win ration of 71%, and have earned an impressive $1.1 million in their career. They have played in an impressive 31 tournaments at the time of this being written.

  • Miracle

Miracle, another Korean team, is a far younger team than Gen.G and Dignitas, but has been performing exceptionally well given their short time on the professional scene. They have a win ration of 54%, and have earned around $500,000,

  • Ballstix

Another Korean team making waves on the scene is Ballstix, having played in a total of 9 tournaments, having earned around $680,000, and having a win ration of 66%. Certainly a team to keep an eye on as they climb the ranks.

  • Team Liquid

Last in the top 5 we have Team Liquid, a European league that has been active for longer than any other team on the list. They have played in an amazing 42 tournaments at the time of this being written, and earned about $433,000. Their win ration is 65% and are certainly a viable option when enjoying Heroes of the Storm betting.