League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular games in the eSports industry. Created in 2009 it has gone on to become the most competitive MOBA game in history; with fast paced real-time strategy play providing plenty of action for viewers watching via live stream. It is no wonder then that LoL eSports betting dominates the markets.

If you want to put down money and potentially win big, take a look at the top LoL Leagues so you know who best to back.


For US eSports betting purposes, the majority of local bets are placed on the North American League of Legends Championship series. Created in 2014, the NA LCS is the largest and most prestigious LoL league in North America and currency consists of 10 professional teams. The NA LCS is currently ranked as a 1st tier championship and is held in Los Angeles each year. The current reigning champs for the summer and spring split is Team Liquid.


All top-rated online eSports betting sites will also offer bets on the European League of Legend Championship Series (EU LCS). This first tier group was set up in 2013 and consists of 10 fully professional teams from across Europe. The tournament mostly takes place in Berlin Germany with the latest winner being Fnatic.


Anyone interested in LoL eSports betting will no doubt have placed a bet or two on the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK). Established in 2012 and hosted in Seoul South Korea, the LCK is the first-tier, fully professional league for Korea. The championship consists of 10 professional teams who face off against each of the other teams twice over the course of the split. The current winners of the Summer split are KT Rolster.


One of the most prestigious LoL eSports betting leagues is the Tencent Pro (LPL). Established in 2013 and held in locations around China, the LPL consists of 12 fully professional teams and is split into two first-tier divisions. The 6 teams in each division face off against their division opponents twice before advancing to the knockouts. Royal Never Give up is the current champion of both the Spring and Summer Split.


Another event that dominates is the Masters Series. Launched in 2014, the Masters consists of 8 fully professional teams from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The first-tier championship is held in Taipei where each team competes in a double Round Robin event during the season. Flash Wolves are the reining champs for both the Spring and Summer split.

World Championship

The World Championship is the biggest online eSports betting event in the industry. Created in 2011, the Championship sees the top 16 teams from around the world compete in a group stage while 12 move on to the finals. The winner is crowned World Champ and gains ultimate bragging rights. The current reigning Champ is Invictus Gaming.

World Events

In addition to the World Championship, there are a couple of other world LoL eSports betting events taking place on a global scale. The mid-season invitational (MSI) is one of the more popular events where 14 regional champions are invited to an international showdown in Paris and Berlin.

The Rift Rivals event is another exciting competition between regional teams in a grudge matches that everyone looks forward to. The final global event that has proven to be a punter favorite is the All Star Event. This international competition is an opportunity for the best teams in the world to show off their skills in front of thousands of fans, while millions of avid spectators watch at home.