League of Legends (LoL) eSports betting is rapidly becoming the largest and most profitable market in electronic sports. For anyone wanting to bet on a match, it is imperative to understand all the aspects of how a game is played, the team Meta, and how a champion performs according collated statists of related champions in any given league. As such, it is a good idea to check out the LoL tier list for the latest patch before you place your bet.

What is a Tier List?

In LoL, a tier list is breakdown of playable Champions who have been subjectively ranked by their viability in a high level competitive setting. In its most basic form, it describes how “good” a Champion is in a competitive match so that players know who to choose if they want a good chance of winning.

Game Meta and Champions

Having access to these rankings and information can be handy if you understand the Meta of a game and how Champions are used. Meta describes the way in which a team uses their characters in order to win. You could say it is their base strategy or “rules of play”. The Meta of a team determines which characters will be chosen for a match. It is important to note that teams can change their Meta depending on whom they are facing.

The Purpose of a LoL Tier List

Since there are over 100 characters in LoL eSports, with multiple team combinations, it is impossible to single-handedly create a personal list of characters you think are more effective in a particular situation. However, this knowledge would be good to know, especially if you are planning on betting on the outcome of a match. This is where data analytics comes in. By collecting and analyzing thousands of matches in different league levels, data analytic companies have compiled statistical lists of Champions with the highest win rate.

Criteria for Compilation

A LoL tier list is compiled by collecting and analyzing the win ratio of Champions in competitive matches, in all the different league levels. They are released for different patches since a new game patch could include a new set of characters. They are updated throughout the season to provide a more accurate and rounded overview of performance. If you are interested in online or mobile LoL eSports betting, then having an accurate listing will certainly help.

Crucial Data Revealed

The patch tier list simply displays the strongest Champions for each game “section” this includes, the Top, Jungle, Middle, Bottom and Support. For example, a recent list for Patch 8.23 rated Jax and Karthus as the highest ranked Champion for Top lane with Thresh and Janna for Support. Lucian was rated as the highest Champion for Bottom lane. They also extend to different leagues, along with Banns that show the most commonly banned players in a competitive match.

An Important Tool

LoL tier lists can be used both by players as well as sports betting enthusiasts. For individual players, they can be a good point of reference to use when trying to increase your ranking or gain league points. With mobile LoL eSports betting, a tier list is basically a set of collated data on win ratios, which you can use to your advantage. When teams pick their champions for a match, you can reference it along with other analytical data to make an informed decision on which team will most likely win.