Electronic sports, or eSports is rapidly becoming one of the largest betting markets in the industry. The popularity of this genre has expanded to such a point that all leading bookmakers now offer bets on local games, domestic leagues, international leagues and major international tournaments. For anyone just starting out, it is imperative to understand eSports betting odds and rules before placing a bet online.

While each site may differ somewhat in their offerings and terms and conditions, the basics all remain much the same.

Understanding Odds

As with regular wagering, online and mobile eSports betting sites use odds to represent the likelihood of an event outcome. This also gives you an indication of the total payout amount should your bet be successful.

Depending on the bookmaker and the region where the site is licensed, the odds may be expressed in one of three ways. They can be expressed as a decimal such as 2.50, as a fraction such as 5/1 (five to one) or in American format, such as +150.

The good news is that most bookmakers have a handy display function where you can simply choose how you want your odds displayed. This is not always the case though, so it is important to know how to read and understand all three options.


With decimals, the number displayed is an indication of your total payout per dollar wagered. For bets of 2.50, you can win $2.50 per $1 bet. The higher the number, the more you stand to win.


Many US eSports betting sites use the fractional format, which can be tricky to figure out. In this case, you calculate your payout by adding the two numbers together and dividing by the right-hand number. You multiply this by your stake. So, 5/1 means you add 5+1 to get 6 then divide by 1 = 6. If your stake is $20, your payout is $20x 6 or $120.


The American format is often used with Ice Hockey or American football. They are fairly easy to understand. Negative numbers like -120 represent the total dollar stake amount needed to win $100. Positive numbers like +140 represent the total a payout amount for a stake of $100. Underdogs and long shots will always have positive numbers while favorites will have negative numbers.

eSports Rules

eSports betting odds and rules and something every avid bettor needs to understand, and a key point to remember is that the regulations are different for every bookmaker and every game. Before placing any significant wager, always check out the rules page, especially the general section on what will happen to your bet if certain events don’t take place.

Voided Bets

Voided bets happen more often in this genre due to the sudden changes in venue and unused maps. As a general rule of thumb, bets are voided if the event venue changes, the date changes or the event is postponed for more than 48 hours. With eSports betting, bettors often place wagers on specific maps in a match. Sometimes a match ends before the later maps are even played since the one team won all of the previous maps. In this instance, all bets are voided on the map not played.

Game Specific Terms and Conditions

In addition to void terms and conditions, it is a good idea to read the rules on match winner, map winner, teams to draw first blood, teams to execute the first kill and teams to score the most kills. Each game will also have specific guidelines that need to be followed for prop wagers. Live in-play wagering also has strict regulations on replayed matches due to a draw. Any replayed match is considered a different match and previous bets are voided.

Now you know more about eSports betting odds and rules, you can wager on your mobile with confidence.