Casino tournaments have been a staple of the industry for years and when all these games of chance became available on smartphones and tablets, the tournaments followed.  Since the start slot games have been the most popular kinds of tournaments and quite often players will be granted free access into the first round, which is a great way to start things off. However, if you’re a fan of tournaments but not a fan of online slots, then you’ll be pleased to know that these games are not limited to mobile slots. In fact tournaments can be found in games of blackjack, mobile roulette and even casino holdem.  Mobile casino tournaments are appealing for many reasons; they’re competitive, they’re more affordable and the wins can be quite good. Mobile casino tournaments have time limits and this adds an additional element of excitement to an already palpable situation.

Free Rolls

Also known as Free Roll Mobile Tournaments, these types of tourneys bring together two of the most appealing aspects of tournaments – free entry and real money rewards – you cannot ask for better than that! A Free Roll Mobile Tournament is any tournament – slots, blackjack or roulette – that grants the player free entry. Mobile slot games account for the majority of free roll tournaments and mainly because more people play slots and because these games are also easiest to play. The fact that these kinds of tournaments are so competitive makes them incredibly appealing. The first round of a free roll is free and if you make it to the next round you’ll have to put down some real cash, but who knows? It might just be you making it through to the very end. The end prize is the combination of all who have taken part, so just imagine what you could be in for?

How to Enter a Mobile Casino Tournament

Few things are easier than entering a mobile casino tournament. All you have to do is log into your account have a look around in the general lobby and find the section that reads ‘tournaments’. Tap on it, enter and find all the information you’ll need to enter the next tournament. Quite often there’ a timetable showing dates and times. Free rolls and standard tournaments will be available along with Sit and Go tournaments – ones that only start when enough people have entered into it.

Mobile Blackjack Tournaments

The tourney action doesn’t cease with mobile slots. Next up in the popularity line is blackjack and who would have thought that this great card game could also make for an exciting tournament? Mobile blackjack tournaments offer the player two tourney formats. The first type is the free roll blackjack tournament and it’s ideal for the player who wants to save a little as entry is free. Subsequent rounds will cost you, but in the long run if you win the payoff will be worth it. The other type of mobile blackjack tournament is the buy-in one, which will cost you from the start.