Jake Banks | 29 Oct 2018

GVC MGM casino newsGVC Holdings and MGM Resorts have announced that Adam Greenblatt is the man who will be at the helm of their joint venture, MGM GVC Interactive. Greenblatt is no newcomer to the industry and his career has followed a particularly interesting path. The joint venture’s very first Chief Executive Officer is also well known to the brand, having previously served as the Isle of Man-headquartered company’s Director of Corporate Development and Strategy.

Even more valuable than his experience at GVC Holdings plc, is his in-depth knowledge of online gaming and sportsbetting, which was acquired during his time at Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes is of course owned by the group, along with other major brands like bwin, Coral, Crystalbet, CasinoClub and partypoker.

A New Player In The US

The combined venture between the American gaming and hospitality super-power MGM Resorts and GVC was established in July of this year. The vision for the venture is that it will become a leader in sportsbetting and gaming entertainment in the US market.

Greenblatt’s appointment was announced in a corporate communication issued by the newly formed business entity, and his having been selected for the job is hardly a surprise. Greenblatt was instrumental in the establishment of the new joint venture during his time in the position of Director of Corporate Development and Strategy.

What’s more, when considering the events in Greenblatt’s career that led up to his current appointment, it’s as if he has been in a preparation phase for this position for quite some time.

The Road So Far

The venture’s new CEO started out by studying Business Science at South Africa’s University of Cape Town. After he had graduated, he worked as a Chartered Accountant at Arthur Anderson in the UK. He then took up a position at major corporate and investment bank Rothschild, where his focus was mainly mergers and acquisitions. During this time, he mainly oversaw deals in the leisure sector.

Then, in 2010, he was appointed in the position of Director of Corporate and Strategic Development at Ladbrokes, which in a way eventually sealed his fate and led him straight into his new appointment.

The MGM GVC joint venture will be headquartered in the United States, and will reportedly deliver services to no fewer than 15 states, as well as having a potential audience of 90 million people.