Jake Banks | 12 Mar 2019

Slot machinesThe New Jersey-based online Hard Rock Casino is really getting its game on. The casino has officially launched its first bout of online slot tournaments. Players will be happy to know that these competitions can be played on computers as well as on mobile platforms. This particular provision has been made so that nobody needs feel as if they’re being left out of the action.

Slot tournaments have gained a lot of momentum in terms of worldwide popularity among traditional players. Players who love spinning the reels, whether land-based or online, have always been perceived as the loners of the industry, as opposed to table games where there tends to be a lot of social interaction.

But that’s all changed now that tournaments have been added into the mix.

Getting Spinning Online

Hard Rock Casino has confirmed that the first bout of games to have been included in tournaments have been bounced off the launch pad. These include Vikings, Jumanji and Shields of the Wild. The Hard Rock team obviously has a very good idea as to the kinds of games that players love to play.

More slots will be added soon, according to the casino. The reel spinning contests will be available round-the-clock, 24 hours a day, every day. Exciting elements have been incorporated, such as live leaderboards, themed player groups and various options for buy-ins.

A Better Player Experience

According to the group’s Vice President of Online Gaming, Lee Terfloth, the group is committed to reaching new heights as an online games and entertainment provider, and that in order to achieve this, only the best in innovative and fully comprehensive player experiences are being offered to the citizens of New Jersey.

The VP also elaborated further by saying that it was a priority, as far as the Hard Rock group was concerned, to provide players with engaging sessions that did not tend to fizzle out mid-way through. Keeping players entertained and all eyes fixed on the game until the very last second was the ultimate goal.

Hard Rock, according to Terfloth, hopes to achieve this, and more, by launching online slots tournaments. Players enjoy the social interaction, daily updates with regards to progress on the leaderboards and of course, scoring the big wins.