Jake Banks | 06 Jun 2019

wig diversity awardsThe 10th annual Women in Gaming Diversity awards ceremony was held in London in May, and, among others, International Game Technology (IGT) was honored with a prestigious win.

The vast performance-driven company, responsible for a remarkable collection of products and innovations worldwide, was recognized for its valuable contribution to the promotion of individual empowerment in the workplace, and took home the coveted Diverse and Inclusive Team of the Year award.

New Initiative Lauded

IGT was hailed as a pioneer with its unique Women’s Inclusion Network, something they’ve initiated and carried out in their Las Vegas branch (WIN with IGT Las Vegas).

This was the very team that stood out not only as one of the few groups actually empowering women in the iGaming sector, but also as a shining example to the rest of the industry of what can be achieved through professional development, networking, and mentorship programs.

Women In Gaming Diversity Awards

The global awards program was conceived to recognize the excellent work being done by those companies that promote inclusive principles and honor diversity throughout their many strata, promoting the improvement of working conditions and rights for women right across the Gaming sector. Companies are commended for their commitment to promoting inclusion and diversity in this historically masculine industry.

Kim Lee, IGT’s Vice-President of Diversity and Inclusion, said at the event that she was tremendously proud of the work that was being done by the WIN with IGT Las Vegas group to further their cause within IGT. She believes that winning this award certainly reinforces the quality and importance of this member-led group’s work. She pointed out that IGT has a commitment to their more than 12 000 employees worldwide for their workplace to become a diverse and inclusive place to work.

The WIN with IGT Las Vegas is a highly specialized branch of IGT, formed in 2018. It is one of several Employee Business Resource Groups. These groups are in fact run by IGT employees, and the Women’s Inclusion Network successfully launched a few major initiatives within their first year: Comfort Zone parking at all locations for pregnant women, Lean In circles to motivate and empower female colleagues, and the group also took part in several community events that benefitted the female population of Las Vegas.

The hope is that awards such as these set the bar high and make it attractive for all gaming companies, and that those inclusive policies such as empowerment and diversity become par for the course for all.