Jake Banks | 21 Jan 2019

Michigan Bill May Bring Clarity In USThere seems to be no escaping the fact: fears around the propensity of online and mobile gambling, for the sheer convenience of it all, to worsen and even cause an addiction to gambling, don’t appear to ever die down completely. However misconstrued and full of  wayward assumptions these fears may be, they keep on striking volatile chords with governments all over the world.

Current controversy in the state of Michigan revolves around a three-part bill that has been submitted for approval to Senate concerning the legal standing of online as well as mobile casino games, especially those accessible from ordinary smartphones. The bill is reportedly in favor of the proper regulation and complete legalization of online and mobile gambling, with the comment having been made that it aims to bring the industry out of the dark and into the light, where the industry may be properly controlled.

There is a wave of industry-uncertainty spreading throughout the United States and it’s all because of a misinterpretation of the Wire Act. If the state were to legalize online gambling, many would benefit, including the 24 tribal casinos as well as the three privately run    commercial casinos. These casinos will then be free to launch their own online casino-affiliates and offer a digital platform for players of Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and more.

Not Everyone Is Happy

But not everyone supports the passing of the new bill. The bill goes as far to propose that sports betting should be allowed on the outcomes of high school and college games. This has many people quite hot under their collars. Its considered to be just a little too close to home as far as exposing minors to gambling is concerned.

Michael Burke, the Director of the Michigan Association on Problem Gambling, is worried about the effects that the size of a smartphone screen will have on the entire dynamic.

Burke said that diminishing gambling games to a small screen that can be held right up to one’s face is going to cause problems untold for those unable to control their spending habits.

A Long Road Ahead

As it stands at the moment, the bill is awaiting approval in the way of a majority vote by the Senate Committee on Government Operations. The general consensus is that there is a long and winding road ahead.