Jake Banks | 31 Jul 2018

Indian-tribe owned Muckleshoot Casino is launching a new app A casino in Auburn in Washington in the United States is embarking on a brand new venture in an attempt to build and expand its customer base and attract more attention to its entertainment profile. The Indian-tribe owned Muckleshoot Casino is launching a new app that will enable players to play casino games and gamble with real money, from just about anywhere.

The technology that drives the app has been developed by Playport Gaming Systems, and allows for real money betting in any currency. The premise is a simple one: games are purchased, after which they can be played from any location.

It sounds like the perfect arrangement and way of betting and engaging with the casino. There is, however, a catch. And quite a significant one at that. Deposits and withdrawals may only be made at the physical location of The Muckleshoot Casino in Washington State. This means that to start playing and to collect winnings after the fact, the player must show up in person at the establishment itself. A decided inconvenience if you’re living halfway across the world.

Not Built For Convenience

For those not miles and miles away from Washington, it’s quite an exciting prospect. The app will make available all games that are not played against the house. Bingo is a firm favorite in this regard, and is but one of the many games that will be on offer.

This isn’t the first app of its kind, with more than couple of others having been released by other developers prior to this one. The app is the only one requiring the player to be physically present at the casino itself to conduct banking matters. This puts an entirely different swing on things.

Enjoying Leniency

Similar operations driven by Playport technology have already been rolled out in Mexico, but this particular one is the first of its kind in the United States. According to information released by Playport, all games will be available directly from Playport’s online platform.

The fact that The Muckleshoot Casino is owned and run by an Indian tribe is its saving grace, as this ensures that it is exempt from Washington’s overly strict laws on betting on games of chance with real money. To this end, Muckleshoot enjoys more leniency, as it’s governed by federal and tribal laws, and not by state laws.