Jake Banks | 07 Feb 2019


NetEnt certainly knows how to keep ’em coming. Great ideas, that is. The software giant has announced that it   will be releasing a very special celebrity slot later this year. The star of the game? None other than the   legendary, loud and larger-than-life rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. But before anyone rushes off to hit the slot-   playing decks; the game isn’t yet available and an official release date is yet to be announced. Talk about   having something to look forward to!

 Ozzy Joins The Big Guns

 For good measure and to push everyone’s levels of anticipation well into the red, the developer has released   some promo-info about the game. Fans will be ecstatic to know that the game will feature not only bits of   Ozzy’s music, but also his persona-resemblance. Anyone familiar with Ozzy Osbourne can no doubt hear his   familiar drawl just around about now! One can just imagine everything the man himself would have to say   about his namesake slot.

 Ozzy’s slot isn’t the first celebrity music star slot to have been developed by NetEnt. Ozzy joins the likes of   Jimmy Hendrix, Motorhead, and the legendary Guns n’Roses in NetEnt’s ultimate hall of fame.

Now that’s what we call world-class company that is good enough to write a song about.

Celebrating 50 Years Of Music

Of course, a license had to be obtained before development could commence, what with Ozzy being very much up there in the leagues of ultimate music celebrity legends. The rights to Ozzy’s personal brand are owned by a company by the name of Global Merchandising Services; being the affable star’s partner in the franchise business.

NetEnt’s Bryan Upton spoke excitedly about the new game in a recent interview and said that it’s without a doubt Ozzy’s larger-than-life personality that prompted the idea for a slot. Upton said that rock stars simply do not come much bigger or more charismatic than Osbourne and that it was his giant contribution to music, and specifically the rock music genre, that had attracted a loyal and passionate following of fans over the course of the last half-century.

That’s celebrating 50 years of music for Ozzy, and a stunning new development thanks to the NetEnt team.