Jake Banks | 15 Jan 2019

Super BowlCaution seems to be the name of the game at national US sports events in as far as it relates to the mention of the word sports betting. This despite the repeal of the archaic PASPA act that last year opened up the entire market for the legalization of wagers placed on amateur as well as big-league pro-sporting events.

The Colombia Broadcasting System (CBS) has confirmed that no reference will be made to any form of betting or gambling during the course and broadcast of the 2019 Super Bowl. Sports betting has become a buzzword in the US and after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a legal market outside of Nevada in May, a small number of States, most prominently New Jersey, jumped at the opportunity.

Quite a number of other US States, however, have been more conservative in their approach of the topic.

Keeping A Low Profile

In fact, many US citizens are on a slow-approach to anything relating to gambling and betting, and sports especially, is very much part of America’s heritage. When considering all of this, the decision by CBS to not bombard the nation with bet-talk, makes a great deal of sense.

In fact, the topic of sports betting will be avoided altogether during the Super Bowl, both when presenting as well as in any form of commentating on the games. This does not come as a surprise, as keeping mention of sports betting down on the low has been the prevailing situation all season. Earlier during the season, 888 Holdings received the honors of becoming the very first online operator to secure a sponsorship deal with NFL’s beloved New York Jets.

The NY Jets are a national heritage in their own right, and in the spirit of diplomacy and handle-with-care, there has been no sign of 888 sports logo’s other than the 888.com branding that has been installed at the MetLife Stadium.

It's All About Timing

On being asked the question as to why CBS reporters and presenters have not made mention of sports betting all season, despite the repeal of PASPA now going on a year ago, CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus has responded by saying that the decision was made by management that the time simply wasn’t yet right.