Jake Banks | 20 Dec 2018

Worldpay and PaysafePlayers in America will now be able to enjoy safe and seamless payment channels when transacting at certain iGaming and sports betting sites. Worldpay and Paysafe have joined forces to offer the growing US gambling operators a combined, quick, easy and reliable payment service for their customers.

With the massive growth of new casino licensees entering the US gambling market, the payment companies have come up with a solution that caters to the unique needs of the casino and betting industry.

Since the ruling in May that allows US states to make their owns rules and regulations about gambling, several states have chosen to regulate. Some are already operating, while others are in the process of creating the legislation that will govern the industry.

According to the American Gaming Association, the market is forecast to reach $150 billion in revenue from both online and offline contributions. This creates a specialist niche for a payment processing company to facilitate the transactions.

A New Opportunity for All

Paysafe CEO, Joel Leonoff, has said the companies will be able to meet the US iGaming industry’s needs and those of their players. They will offer a secure and cost-effective platform that can be configured according to operator requirements, and deliver an unequalled experience. Their innovative approach will let them support all transaction regardless of the method the player prefers. Both companies are excited to be supporting the growing sector.

Worldpay will be handling credit card transactions and fast payouts, while Paysafe will providing its Neteller digital wallet and online cash solutions. The aim is to increase the method of payments players must choose from, thereby increasing conversion and retention rates.

Both brands are already well-established payment providers in the iGaming, state-lottery and traditional casino sectors. A joint venture to provide comprehensive services is the logical next step.

About The Payment Providers

Worldpay offers a diverse range of payment methods to enterprises. It has products for all sectors from eCommerce to POS and has been in the payments industry for over 40 years. The company processes transactions in 146 countries, 126 currencies, and more than 300 payment types.

Paysafe is the name behind the well-known Neteller wallet and its Paysafe: cash products. The company processes over 5 million transactions per day and has been operating for 20 years. It offers its solutions in the US, Canada, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.