Over the past few years, social casino games have just exploded. Defined as casinos that are played on social media, these online and mobile gambling destinations are played with credits rather than with real cash. The credits at social casinos can be won through the games or bought with actual money, but there is no betting and winning legal tender.

Because no real money changes hands, social casinos are able to be played in online spaces and physical countries that would otherwise not allow them. On Facebook casino slots, for example, are very popular. In fact, recent research shows that most social casino gamblers play for at least an hour a day.

Favourite Games of All Types

There’s a lot of cross-over from real money casinos; often individuals who download fun play casino apps also enjoy playing for real-money payouts. Since social casino games are a great way to polish skills and strategy, this isn’t that surprising. For many other players, however, the allure of the social casino is not that they can practice for real-money games, but that they get to connect with others. This happens via live chat, but also in creative other ways like leaderboards to keep track of how everyone is faring.

Players who are just looking for interaction and simple entertainment seem to be the biggest group at social casinos, since the most popular games by far are slots. Bingo is especially popular among players in the United Kingdom, a statistic that is repeated in real-money settings too.

For players who are paying to play, the most popular game is Poker. This difference is very interesting, because it really highlights that people use social casinos to serve different needs. In addition, it shows that casinos at social media platforms are strong and versatile enough to be used in different ways by different players. Whether you just want to relax and enjoy bright graphics and simple game structure or you’re trying to explore and understand the hidden depths of Poker, the same social Google Play casinos and App Store casinos can be downloaded to help you for it.

Other Games are Gathering Speed

As social casinos become more widespread, the playing community and available social casino games are both diversifying. Slots were the first social casino game, and while they continue to mushroom the craze seems to have settled enough for other games to make an appearance too.

Roulette and Blackjack are not as common as Poker and slots are in the social casino game world yet, but they’re being seen and played more often all the time. Scratchcards fall somewhere in the middle of these 2 groups, though they’re also becoming more commonplace.

If social casinos remain on the scene, it seems likely that we’ll see even more variety in the games offerings, and even in the themes and designs of the casinos themselves. And since they’ve proven themselves to be such effective money-spinners, it’s safe to say that they are definitely here to stay.