Online social games are the perfect alternative if you are in a state that doesn’t allow real-money gaming yet. You can enjoy high-quality entertainment, sidestepping any legalities or regulations that could get in the way.

Poker and slots are still the most common options in social casinos, but other options are seen increasingly frequently. This includes Blackjack and, of course, the ever popular Roulette. Find out more about playing desktop and mobile Roulette in this format, and then get started.

The Basics Explained

Social casinos are browser-based sites or downloadable apps on media sharing platforms such as Facebook. They work very similarly to regular real money sites, but you play with credits rather than with real money.

You bet and win these credits, and can purchase extra ones. But what you spend on additional credits is much smaller than what you’d usually lay out when gaming online. And since you don’t use actual money to play, these social games are permitted when real bets are not.

Because the sites are not making much profit on wagers being placed, they use advertising as an alternative revenue stream. You’ll notice many more adverts and products on your screen as the iconic red an wheel black wheel turns, which can feel a little intrusive at first.

However, these extra visuals are not that distracting and you should soon get used to it. You can have and develop your skills, from your own home or office. With mobile Roulette you can even do all of this while you’re on the go, and you can learn how to play or even try out betting systems like the Martingale to se how they work. The software that has been developed for online social games is just as engaging and immersive as their real-money counterparts.

Light-Hearted Fun

You’ll experience a more relaxed atmosphere when you play on Facebook than on a conventional online casino platform. Players with similar skills are usually grouped together, making it easier to build real, meaningful friendships.

The rules of spinning the Roulette wheel are the same as always, but in social games the structure and pace can feel quite different. You’ll be chatting to fellow players a lot more, so the action is usually a little slower. You’ll place your bet or bets, and then sit back and watch the wheel spin.

There are also daily challenges, and winning these or going head-to-head with anybody else who is logged in at the same time as you are will earn you points. These help you get onto the published leader boards, and you can share your results online too. Healthy competition and good-natured rivalry with your fellow Roulette enthusiasts is part of the territory here.

Entertainment Options

An exciting new development for these games is that they are now available in social live casino settings. With live experts operating the wheels so that the events unfold in real time as you watch on your screen, you’ll feel like you’re sitting under the bright lights of Las Vegas – but with none of the pressure to perform well or win big.

Spinning the Wheel

When you register on a platform to play online social games, you’re given a certain amount of tokens for free in the same way that you usually get gaming credits when you register at a real-money site. Use these to start playing, and as you win you’ll get more. You can also buy extra tokens, and as you win challenges and complete tasks you’ll also get to earn them.

Fully interactive and with more gamification than typical casino entertainment, playing Roulette this way is always enjoyable. Whether you enjoy what’s on offer in addition to your regular gaming or as a way to play where real-money bets are prohibited, you’re in for a great time. Check out the sites that we recommend, and you will see what we mean.