Social casinos are becoming increasingly popular; and for good reason! Essentially, you pay a certain amount of money to join them and are given tokens to bet with. As you keep playing, you can buy more tokens or (hopefully!) get more by winning games.

The crucial point is that no real money is wagered. This means the desktop and mobile sites are not subject to the same regulations as their real-money counterparts. Since you can’t actually win any tangible prizes, playing at social casinos is not technically classified as gambling.

Although you are not betting with or winning real funds, there are several serious benefits to using social casino apps and instant-play sites. The most obvious is that if you live in a state where online gambling is not yet legal, you are able to experience high-caliber games. As you start playing this way, you’ll soon see the other advantages.

Connecting With Other Players

Social casinos are just that – very sociable. Because you are not risking any of your own money, the atmosphere is generally more light-hearted than when you play at a real-money desktop or mobile casino.

Speak with fellow players about the games, or about anything else – you might find yourself making solid new friendships. The apps and sites tend to put players of similar skill levels and interests together (using advanced algorithms) so you’ll definitely be among like-minded individuals.

Getting Familiar with Games

Social casino apps and sites allow you to polish your skills, try out new strategies, or just get comfortable with games that you have never tried before. They feel just the same and are of the same quality as real-money games, so you are practicing in a realistic environment.

Once you’ve built up your confidence here, you can try out some real-money operators. The only thing to be careful of here is that you might get a false impression of how well you are doing, because you are matched with players at a similar level to you. When you switch to betting with your own funds, start with small amounts.

Players Get a Sense of Achievement

Just because you aren’t dealing with real funds, doesn’t mean social casinos won’t recognize your achievements. They are always linked to social media sites, and you can post your latest successes there for all of your fellow players to see.

Leaderboards also help you to track whether you are ahead of or behind other players, and the tournaments can get quite heated! After all, who wouldn’t want bragging rights in the group of players that you have been chatting with and getting to know?

A Cheaper Way to Play

Although you may pay to register, you will be spending significantly less because you won’t be wagering real funds. You can buy more mobile casino tokens to keep your gaming going, but once again these will cost you a fraction of what betting your own money would.

If you’re on a budget, this is the perfect way to enjoy yourself while keeping your accounts in the black. Once you’ve used up your gaming funds, you can keep having fun with apps and browser-based games.

A Good Selection of Games

Social casinos currently offer Bingo, slots, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and Scratch Cards. The diverse range should suit almost every player’s mood and taste, and it is always expanding. Since playing this way has become so popular, you can expect more and more releases to entertain you. Find the best options in your state, and start enjoying all the benefits of this type of gaming.