American Football is one of the biggest sports in the US. Just about everyone in the country has either played a game, watched the Super Bowl live or heard about the local teams and their subsequent season triumphs. It is safe to say that American Football is more of a culture than a sport and is not surprising that it dominates the online sportsbooks. NFL betting constitutes a major portion of the total wagering action online, especially for the post-season games. For those who are new to the sport and the NFL, here is what you need to know.

About the NFL

The National Football League (NFL) is the name for the professional American Football League in the US. It consists of 32 teams divided into two conferences. These include the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Within each conference, teams fall into one of four divisions namely East, West, North and South.

Following a short preseason, the NFL 17-week regular season runs from late September to Early December. All top-rated online sports betting sites will offer markets on every single game. The top 6 teams in each division at the end of the regular season then compete in the playoffs, which culminate in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl sees the champions of the NFC and the AFC play for the season Championship title.

Popular NFL Betting Options

During the regular and post-season, NFL betting can be both fun and rewarding. Each game offers a huge range of markets to choose from for both novices and experienced bettors. It is not uncommon to find at least 40 markets for a single event. The most popular bet is the money line wager. This simply involves placing a wager on who will win the match. The odds reflect the likelihood of one team winning over another.

When betting on football, there will sometimes be games where the two teams are so unevenly matched that the result is almost a forgone conclusion. In such cases, the bookmakers will offer handicap markets where the underdog is given a virtual point advantage, which the favorites must overcome. This makes the action a lot more desirable, as well as the odds.

Totals betting is another popular market in NFL betting. This is sometimes known as over/under, as the idea is to try and predict how many points both teams in the game will score. The bookmaker will post a total and you must decide whether the actual total will be above or below the point score posted.

Alternative NFL Markets

NFL betting also offers a full range of futures bets based on the league and the playoffs. Future bets can be placed weeks or months in advance or even at the start of the season. The most popular wager is the outright winner, which involves predicting which team will win the Super Bowl and the Championship title at the end of the season. Other future bets include predicting the NFC winner, the AFC winner, division winners and which teams will make it to the playoffs. Another popular option is predicting the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the season.

With each game, there are plenty of prop markets for those who enjoy wagering on statistics of the game. Some of the main markets include the team to score the first touchdown, the winning team at half time and the overall winning margin.

With football and online sports betting of any kind, it is important to do as much research as possible before placing a bet. There are many factors that can influence the outcome of a game, including injuries, changes to coaching staff, season fatigue, travel schedule and home ground advantage. If you do your homework you can place solid wagers and reap the rewards.