Soccer, or football as it is known in other parts of the world, is one of the most popular sports on the planet. Often referred to at the “Beautiful Game” it is played in just about every country on the planet, which is why online soccer betting is such a huge hit. Every match or tournament offers up plenty of opportunities to place multiple wagers on the outcome and then sit back and watch the action unfold.

Getting Started

Soccer is a popular from of online sports betting offered at all leading bookmakers both locally and internationally. The popularity of the sport is such that there is always a major game or tournament happening somewhere, and this means that there is year-long betting action. When the European and US leagues wrap up, the South American and African leagues are in full swing.

The easiest and most popular bet to place is the Money Line wager. This simply involves predicting which team will win the match, as is the case with Basketball or Baseball. However, this is just the starting point. A major match can have more than 40 available markets for both novices and experienced bettors.

Match and Tournament Markets

Betting on Soccer can be as simple or as technical as you wish to make it. For anyone just starting out, match and tournament markets are the easiest options. Aside from the money line bet, match markets also include over/under where the bookmakers post the total combined score of both teams at the end off full time. The idea is to try and predict whether the actual combined score will be above or below the total posted.

Other online sports betting match markets include half time, draw markets and handicaps where one team is given a virtual point advantage. Tournament markets are also great for newbies as they can be placed on leagues and major tournaments. The outright winner market involves predicting which team will win the league or tournament outright, and can be placed at the start of the season.

Prop Markets

Online Soccer betting is great for punters who enjoy putting money on statistics and individual players. With each match, bets can be placed on prop markets like first team to score, both teams to score, the first player to score, if a penalty will be awarded, the exact final score and if any player will receive a red card.

Popular Leagues and Tournaments

For bettors in the US, most of the online Soccer betting action will take place on Major League games. Running from March to October, the MLS is made up of 24 teams who compete in a regular season and a post-season knockout tournament. Wagers can be placed on the league winner or each game during the season.

As one of the largest online sports betting markets, bets can also be placed on leagues and matches across the globe. This includes all the action from the English Football League, the Premier League, the European League, the German Bundesliga, the Italian Series A, the Spanish La Liga and the French Ligue 1. Every four years, the action really heats up as the World Cup takes center stage.

Before You Bet

Betting on Soccer can be both fun and rewarding if you do all the necessary research. Before placing any wager it is important to gather as much information about the upcoming event. Factors that can influence the outcome of a match include team injuries, changes to coaching staff, where the match is being played, team fatigue, travel schedule, when last the team trained and previous match up results. All this information will help you place a solid bet that could well be a winner.