If you are looking for a more exciting way to bet on your favorite sports, in-play betting is the answer. This dynamic wagering system allows you to bet on live matches as the action unfolds. Not only is this more fun, but also more rewarding, as you get to adjust your strategy according to what is actually happening on the field.

If you have the knowledge and the skills to analyze a live game and predict where it is going, then online in play betting would the be ideal way to get better odds on the same markets.

What is In-Play Betting?

In-Play or live betting is a form of online sports betting where you place bets on live action as the game is being played. With traditional pre-match wagers, bookmakers will post odds days or even weeks in advance, and close off the bets just before the game starts. This is not the case with live wagering. The odds are only posted once the whistle blows and you can start playing your bets when the clock is running. They are updated every 10 minutes or whenever there is a major change in action. For example, in Rugby, they would immediately be updated if a team were awarded a penalty, if there is a lineout or if a team scores a try.

Why Choose In-Play Betting?

Why should you bet on a live game when you can simply place an online or mobile sports betting wager the day before?

There are two reasons. The first is so that you can gain better odds on the same markets, and the second is to create a more defined strategy based on a team’s past performance.

Let’s take a look at a simple example. If there is an upcoming T20 cricket match between Australia and India, the pre-match odds would not offer much. You might find the best prices are on India at 2.80, which would not yield much of a profit. If you chose to go with in-play wagering you could get much higher odds. Let’s say India bat first and Australia bowl them out for 98 runs. Now India’s odds of winning have shot up to 5.80 or even 8.20.

If you know a lot about the pitch and the quality of the Indian bowlers, you could place a bet at 8.20 on India to win. If they come out and destroy the Australian batting line-up, then you have made a huge profit where none was available before.

Adjusting Your Strategy

Online in-play betting requires a completely different type of strategy to that used with traditional pre-match wagers. While it is still advisable to do research on past results and team dynamics, you have to base your bets on what is happening in real time and what could possibly happen next. This can be especially lucrative with teams that perform better in the second half. For example, if you are an American Football enthusiast, you may have noticed that one of the team’s is always slow to put points on the board in the first and second quarter.

However, they usually come back in the third and fourth quarter with a stellar performance. You can then use in-play betting to your advantage by only placing a bet at half time when the team is multiple points behind. This is when you will get the best odds.

The key is to find the perfect point where the odds are the highest, just before the team starts their comeback performance.