With the recent changes to US gambling and betting laws, more and more local punters are turning to online sports betting US bookmakers to get in on the action. For anyone just starting out, putting money on popular sports is the most natural place to start. Not only do these events offer the most markets, but they are also broadcast at popular times, so you can catch all the action as it unfolds.

If you are keen to get into wagering, we’ve rounded up the most popular sports to watch and to bet on in the USA.

American Football

American Football is a way of life in the US. Played at school, college and professionally, it is fun to watch and offers plenty of sports betting opportunities. Most of the sports betting US action revolves around the NFL, with bets placed on the regular and post-season games.

Popular American Football markets include outright bets on the Championship Winner (Super Bowl Winner), conference winner and division winner. During the regular and post season, bets can be placed on every match. Popular match markets include the moneyline, spread betting, totals and parlay. The odds are offered in American format such as +100 or in fractional format such as 5/1.


Basketball is another major sport in the US, with most schools encouraging kids to start playing at a young age. Not surprisingly, Basketball is played in college level and professionally for the NBA. The National Basketball League is the largest and most prestigious league in the world, and one that attracts the most bets. For online sports betting purposes, bets can be played on overseas tournaments such as the German Basketball Bundesliga, but the majority are placed on the NBA.

Outright markets include predicting the Championship Winner, All-star Game winner, Conference winner and Division Winner. Popular match bets include moneyline, handicap and totals (over/under). The odds are represented in both American and Fractional Format.


Despite originating in Canada, Baseball is the quintessential American sport, and one of the most popular for local fans. A major game can attract thousands of people to the stadium, while millions more catch the action via live broadcast. While online betting sites offer wagers on overseas leagues, the majority of wagers are placed on the Major League Baseball (MLB) games.

Outright MLB bets include predicting the World Series winner, the American League winner and the National league winner. For individual games, the moneyline bet is the most popular, along with the Run Line, total number of runs (over/under), handicaps and player to hit a home run. If you are putting money on local games, the odds will be offered mainly in American format.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is one of the biggest sports in Europe and the US. This high-energy team sport is filled with hard-hitting action that makes it fun to watch and exciting to wager on. Sports betting US bookmakers offer hundreds of markets on Ice Hockey, for all the overseas and domestic leagues. This includes the Swedish Hockey League, the Ukrainian Hockey League, the Russian Kontinental League, the British Elite League, Slovenian Hockey League and Switzerland’s National league. For local bettors, most of the Ice Hockey wagering action takes place on the National Hockey League (NHL). The NHL season kicks off in October, and runs to June every year.

Popular outright NHL bets include predicting the Championship Winner (Stanley Cup Winner), Conference winner and Division Winner. Popular sports betting match markets include the Puck Line, handicap, and method of winning and 60-minute bets. For overseas leagues and games, odds are expressed in decimal format such as 5.30, and for local games they are expressed in American format.