Indiana State

Indiana derived its name from the presence of Native Indian Tribes within the region. Known as “The Hoosier State”, Indiana is home to more than 6 million residents. Visit the city of Santa Claus, where you can experience Christmas festivities all year around. However, don’t plan any trips to the region between the months of October and March, as no baths are permitted during these times. If you’re considering a career in ghost hunting, you might want to relocate to Indiana. The state has a variety of urban legends, and is known for frequent ghost sightings. Fans of the Jackson Five would be pleased to know that in 1915, Joseph and Catherine Jackson purchased their first home in Indiana. This was ultimately where the Jackson Five was formed, and where the King of Pop launched his singing career. Pubs within the state are not allowed to offer any free drinks, so don’t go looking for any happy hours. While the state caters to the needs of many small town folks living in the area, there are not many options available for lovers of recreational gaming. We’re taking a closer look at the availability of online casinos, sportsbooks, fun play casinos, mobile social casinos, Facebook casinos and free play online casinos in the region. By the end of this article, you might even find yourself aching for a fun-filled getaway to this intriguing place.

Is Gambling Legal in Indiana?

The nature of gambling within Indiana is complex, as the state does not permit all types of gaming. The gambling industry, which includes local lotteries, is regulated by a variety of state laws. Gaming Commissions are tasked with supervising operator practices in the area. This includes gambling permits, the regulation of casino games and the licensing of casino employees. The state also regulates the location of casinos, and in most cases prohibits them from operating near schools or residential areas. Gambling institutions within Indian reservations are regulated by the Indian Gambling Regulatory Act. These institutions also need to ensure compliance with any other tribal gaming legislation. 

Gambling Options in Indiana

Card rooms and riverboat casinos are the most popular forms of gaming found in the region. Horseracing is also permitted, as well as charitable games which include bingo and raffles. The state has two horse tracks known as “racinos.” The 20th of October 2017 saw the state’s first land-based casino opening its doors to the town of Evansville. The Tropicana casino had operated from a riverboat since 1995, and decided to move its operations offshore after it saw a gap in the market. There have been numerous talks about expanding the region’s land-based casino offering, however, due to strict laws around gambling, this will most likely not be an easy task.

The state’s law permits ten land-based and riverboat casinos to be in operation. Riverboat casinos are only allowed to operate on Lake Michigan or the Ohio River. These establishments are limited to operating while docked, as the use of their services while on the move is prohibited by state law. Although these ships remain docked, they are still extravagant in nature and provide anyone entering their premises with a five star experience.

Online Casinos

The use of online gambling - which includes online poker - is strictly prohibited in the area due to legislation which was enacted in 2005. Many residents have resorted to alternative options such as fun play casinos and social casino apps. There are also many free play online casinos available for you to choose from. Facebook casinos have become fairly popular in recent years. If you don’t know how to play on Facebook casinos, do not fret. Simply register a Facebook account and visit their gaming section for a variety of gaming choices, which are relatively self-explanatory.

Sports Betting Options

Pari-mutuel betting is permissible at horseracing tracks in the state. A definite bonus is the fact that many of these tracks offer electronic gaming machines as well. Other forms of sports betting have not been legalised yet, however, a bill was passed in January 2018 which might result in the legalisation of all sports betting. What’s even greater, is that many fun play casinos offer a selection of sports games as well, so if you are looking for a bit of variety, these would be the way to go.

Live Poker

All casinos within Indiana have poker rooms which offer an assortment of poker games, tournaments and also cash games. Social poker games are strictly prohibited with individuals facing major penalties for participating in these activities.

Bingo and Lottery

Just like many states within the United States of America, lottery and bingo gaming options are vast. Residents also partake in the Powerball and other inter-state games. Charitable bingo games are allowed, however, these games need to be licensed individually. 


With tight laws around gambling and hefty fines for non-compliance, you would need to have your ducks in a row if you were to operate or play in the region. That being said, there’s still a healthy list of gaming options for players to choose from and enjoy within the city’s legal framework. Internet gambling will most likely not be introduced to the region anytime soon, however, free play online casinos still create a gaming ambiance that players love. With so many gaming attractions to keep folks entertained, who wouldn’t want to pay this state a visit? So, pack in those lucky knickers and board a flight en route to Indiana today.