In all likelihood (well, depending on the year you were born), when you hear the word ‘Kansas’, the first thought that will pop into your head will be The Wizard of Oz. That’s thanks to L. Frank Baum’s literary classic, which features The Sunflower State as the protagonist’s home, and quick thinking by insurance agent Max Zimmerman, who marketed Liberal in Kansas as Dorothy Gale’s birthplace. It’s home to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state: Dorothy’s House museum, and also features as an iconic state in that comic hero, Superman, hails from the fictional town of Smallville in Kansas too. However, Kansas isn’t only well known as the ‘birthplace’ of two of the world’s most popular literary icons – there are also a good number of other tourist attractions and activities that draw thousands of visitors annually.

Apart from fishing and hunting excursions, there’s plenty to see and do in the 24 national parks dotted within the states borders – and if the great outdoors isn’t your thing, then there are lots of indoor activities too – like gambling, for one. But don’t get too excited here. If there’s one thing Kansas is known for, it’s conservatism. For this reason, there are only a handful of land-based state-run and tribal casinos for you to visit and only a few gambling activities that are considered legal. The good news? If you don’t like any of the limited gambling venues available in Kansas, you can always go the free fun online slots route at fun play casinos or free play online casinos. This way, you’ll still have a good time playing at mobile casinos, Facebook casinos or social casino apps, without any fear of prosecution. Keen to find out more details about legal and illegal gambling in Kansas? Then make sure to read on.

Gambling in Kansas: What’s Legal & What’s Not

The best source of information regarding specifics on Kansas’ gambling laws can be found on the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission’s website. They feature an impressive FAQ page that pretty much sums up (in very clear English) all the dos and don’ts. To save you some trouble, we’ll summarise all the important points below, starting with a list of legal gambling activities in the state.

Legal Gambling Activities

  • Bingo and Instant Bingo (only if played at a licensed establishment for no monetary gains).
  • Horse and Dog Racing (including pari-mutuel wagering, only at licensed tracks).
  • Lotteries (only if state-owned and/or operated).
  • Casino-style Gaming (at these 7 venues only: Hollywood Casino, Boot Hill Casino and Resort, Kansas Star Casino, Casino White Cloud, Golden Eagle Casino, Prairie Band Potawatomi Casino and Sac & Fox Casino).
  • Raffles (only if charitable).

There’s a bit to be said on each of the above land-based casinos, but let’s take a quick look at the illegal (public morals crimes) list before doing so.

Illegal Gambling Activities

  • Gambling (in other words, making or intending to make a bet or play a gambling device other than one at the licensed establishments listed above).
  • Commercial Gambling (otherwise known as operating an illegal commercial gambling establishment, or receiving earnings from such an establishment).
  • Dealing In or Unlawful Possession of Gambling Devices (this would apply to manufacture, distribution or possession with intent of distribution of all recognised gambling devices).
  • Installing Gambler Communication Devices (any device installed within a gaming establishment that would allow for communication between players).
  • Illegal Bingo Games (any unlicensed bingo operations that are run for profit).

In case you didn’t pick this up, nowhere does it explicitly state that online gaming is forbidden in Kansas. As is the case in most US states, online gambling tends to be a grey area where the law becomes unclear. For this reason, we always encourage players to make use of free fun online slots at fun play casinos or free play online casinos, or by playing at mobile casinos, Facebook casinos or social casino apps that don’t award any opportunity for withdrawals or cashouts.

That being said, seeing as there is no concrete law against online gaming, we don’t see the harm in finding an offshore online casino that accepts players from Kansas. After all, as they would be operating outside of state lines, there’s no harm in registering an account to have some real money fun on the side, is there?

Top Places to Gamble at in Kansas

Now that you know there are a list of land-based casinos to play at in Kansas, let’s find out where they are and what each of them offer.

  • Hollywood Casino

State-licensed. Located next to the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City. Offers 2000-plus slots, as well as table games, a live poker room and more.

  • Boot Hill Casino and Resort

State-licensed. Located in Dodge City. Table games, slots and poker is available, as well as accommodation and restaurant facilities.

  • Kansas Star Casino

State-licensed. Located in Mulvane. Play, dine and stay with lots of casino games and live shows to keep you entertained.

  • Casino White Cloud

Tribal Casino. Located in White Cloud. Enjoy slots, table games and more, as well as several dining and cabin accommodation options too.

  • Golden Eagle Casino

Tribal Casino. Located in Horton. Blackjack, craps, slots and bingo games are played at this entertainment centre, which also offers loads of promos.

  • Prairie Band Potawatomi Casino

Tribal Casino. Located in Topeka. Slots, table games and bingo are big here, as are live shows, community events and more.

  • Sac & Fox Casino

Tribal Casino. Located in Powhattan. Offering delicious meals, 600 slots, table games and live entertainment, as well as a gift shop and express café.


While it may feature alongside some of the more conservative states when it comes to gambling, Kansas residents and visitors still have plenty of gambling options compared to other US states. Keep a close eye on the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission’s website to see if any laws change in future, and in the meantime, simply enjoy the options available to you. After all, it could be worse!