Michigan State

Sizzling summers, charming cities, and bubbling craft beers are just some of the major attractions which come to mind when thinking of Michigan State. With a population of ten million, a buzzing economy, and large metros, Michigan has earned a spot in the top ten states of the United States. The nation’s greenery is every nature enthusiast’s dream, and Lake Michigan is perfect for taking a canoe trip down the stream, but the state’s ultimate allures are not just reserved for the outdoors.  With art museums, exotic waterparks and popular indoor attractions, Michigan is sure to provide you with an adventure which appeals to your individual liking. The state’s glamorous land-based casinos are proof that it caters to all, even the gamer at heart. Let’s take a look at the nitty gritty around online casinos, sportsbooks, fun play casinos, mobile social casinos, Facebook casinos and free play online casinos in Michigan to help set the mood for your next getaway.

Is Gambling Legal in Michigan?

Gambling was a fairly uncommon practice in Michigan’s history, as horse racing was the only form of gambling known to the natives at the time. Indian tribes initially took charge of the gambling industry by making bingo halls available within their tribal areas. In 1996, a referendum was created which effected the construction of three land-based casinos in Detroit.  The formation of these casinos resulted in Native Tribes wanting a larger piece of the cake. They therefore altered their list of available games to include table games and slots, which made casinos in these areas leaders in the industry. Today, the city of Detroit still houses multiple fun play casinos such as MGM Grand Detroit and Greektown Casino-Hotel, to name a few. The state of Michigan has twelve tribal areas which accommodate nineteen tribal casinos, respectively. With a wide range of gaming genres to choose from, and luxurious casino venues to accompany them, Michigan is sure to keep all gambling fanatics entertained.

Gambling Options in Michigan

When it comes to land-based casinos, Michigan residents are spoilt for choice. The state has thirty two casinos in total, boasting more than 30,000 slot games. Tribal casinos cater for the vast majority of casino games, whilst three casinos in Detroit come in as a close second. In addition, there are eight casinos that provide users with hotel options, giving them the choice of staying and playing at one place, and eliminating the hassle of travelling in between destinations. For a deeper understanding of the gambling options available, let’s look at the various gaming offers presented to Michigan residents.

Online Casinos

Gambling regulations in Michigan do not have clear laws guiding the use of online gambling. In 1999, legislation was introduced prohibiting the use of the Internet to gamble, however, this was removed in the very same year. The assumption is that online gambling is illegal in the state as there is no specific law to regulate it. However, since we are in the age of social media, you can still make use of Facebook casinos or fun play casinos in the region. Social casino apps have also become popular, especially amongst Facebook users. These are unique in that they provide you with the opportunity to engage with friends or acquaintances via the apps. There is also the option of playing with real or virtual money, which gives players the chance to elevate themselves to different levels in the game. Due to the vast majority of land-based casinos available in the state, there have been talks of legalising online casinos. Perhaps this will become a reality for the region in the very near future. 

Sports Betting

Horse racing is the most common form of sports betting available in the area. Other forms of sports betting have not been legalized in the region, however, a bill has recently been passed to look into its inclusion in not only land-based casinos, but via online gambling as well. Social casino apps also provide fun play options for the sports boffins at heart. The inclusive nature of Michigan’s gambling industry ensures that the menu caters to all, no matter what your betting flavour may be.

Online Poker

There are no clear guidelines on the subject of online poker. The assumption is that, like online casinos, online poker is prohibited as well. However, there are no clear laws which forbid residents from playing online poker in the comfort of their own homes. There are also many operators whose honesty and integrity are questionable. Users are therefore encouraged to look into the credentials of these operators before engaging in play. 

Live Poker

When it comes to live poker, residents have a healthy list of options to choose from. Many land-based casinos have stylish poker rooms, which contribute to a dazzling player experience. Social poker games are permissible in instances where users are not playing for a profit. The live poker experience is definitely something that should be added to your list of “things to do” when visiting the state.

Lottery Games

Lottery games are common in the region, with state lottery being the most popular. Residents also have access to inter-state games, which have massive jackpots. These are ideal for beginners looking for simple games with big winning potential.

Bingo Games

Charitable gaming options, such as bingo and keno offer players the choice of giving to a good cause whilst having fun at the same time. Bingo halls have come a long way in Michigan’s history and, therefore, many residents still enjoy some good ol’ bingo fun instead of traditional casino slot games.

Where to Play

As previously mentioned, Michigan State provides an extensive list of land-based casinos for residents to choose from. Some of the luckiest casinos in the region are listed below:

  • Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino
  • MGM Grand Detroit
  • MotorCity Casino Hotel
  • FireKeepers Casino Hotel
  • Four Winds Casino Resort
  • Kewadin Casinos

If you’re visiting the region, or simply just passing through, feel free to go hopping from one casino to the next. With many offering resort options as well, you can play into the early hours of the morning without having to worry about venturing back home.


With a healthy dose of land-based casinos to choose from, as well as numerous attractions for visitors to see, Michigan is definitely a bucket-list-worthy destination. Book your flight ticket, pack up your suitcase, and discover all of the above and more. What’s even better is that it will not cost you an arm and a leg, pricing options are extremely affordable and is sure to suit most jetsetters’ pockets.