Nebraska State

Right smack in the middle of the U.S. lies the Midwestern state of Nebraska. Home to the prairies on the Great Plains, the dunes of Sandhills and its panhandle’s unique rock formations, this pioneering state is drenched in history. Underground gambling took off here in the 1800s and one of its cities, Omaha, even had ‘Omaha Hold’em’ poker named after it. But do the state’s residents still gamble today? And are they legally allowed to do so? We’ve done some research into the Nebraskan law’s views on gambling practices, to see whether it allows residents to play at Real Money Online Casinos or only at Free Play Online Casinos (also known as Fun Play Casinos) with Free Fun Online Slots.

Is Gambling Legal in Nebraska?

As is the case in most other states, federal law allows for casino-style gambling institutions to be run on Native American reservations. While this is also the case in Nebraska, the state’s law does prohibit the use of gambling devices as well as the promotion of gambling. Residents are, however, allowed to conduct prize contests, take part in raffles and bingo games, plus bet on licensed horse racing. Those who wish to partake in any of these activities do need to be aware of the legal age requirements. To play bingo, for example, you have to be 18 or older, while placing bets at the racetrack requires you to be at least 19 years of age. In turn, playing at casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks will require a legal age of 21. How does the law view online gambling then, you may ask? Again, much the same as other states. Nebraskan gambling laws mostly predate the era of the Internet, so it’s riddled with grey areas, leaving it open to interpretation and up for debate. That being said, it doesn’t reference anything about Facebook Casinos, Social Casino Apps or Mobile Social Casinos. 

Gambling Options in Nebraska

The one thing you won’t find in Nebraska are table games. You will, however, find a variety of slots and bingo-style games at the state’s legal tribal casinos. The solution for many residents is to take a road trip over to Iowa where they can access more casino game options. Below you’ll find a breakdown of gambling destinations and activities that are either acceptable or deemed illegal in the state of Nebraska:

Land-Based Casinos

As mentioned, Nebraskan players can visit any of the state’s tribal casinos. The biggest, Ohiya Casino & Resort, is situated on the Santee Sioux Indian Reservation. It opened in 2011 and offers 400 slots to choose from. Other similar venues include Ironhorse Bar & Casino and Lucky 77 Casino, where players can also enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants or eateries on site.

Online Casinos

With no actual online gambling law stipulated for Nebraska, residents can assume it’s safe to sign up and play at online casinos that accept players from the state. Reputable online destinations that operate in this jurisdiction include the following big names: Bovada Casino, Casino, Lucky Red Casino, Las Vegas USA, Club World Casinos and Aladdin’s Gold Casino.

Live Poker

Live poker, as such, played with real money bets, isn’t allowed in Nebraska. However, players can take part in free poker tournaments where the prize can be real money. Most poker leagues host these types of tourneys, which means you’ll be able to hone your poker skills against other players. The law isn’t clear about social/home poker games unfortunately.

Online Poker

There is currently no actual regulation around online poker in Nebraska. The law doesn’t specify that it’s illegal, though, so much like online casinos, you’ll be able to sign up at online poker destinations that accept players from Nebraska.

Sports Betting Options

If you prefer to bet on sports and live in Nebraska, you’ll be able to enjoy the activity via pari-mutuel betting at racetracks or via Simulcast betting on events happening in other states, at on-track locations. Another option is to place real money bets on games of skill like darts or pool tournaments.

Betting on the Lottery

While lottery betting has often been a point of contention in Nebraska, it is legal for residents to take part in in-state lottery games, as well as multi-state games. This is in line with most other states that allow gambling if the proceeds go towards charity initiatives.

Bingo Bets

Bingo, as well as raffles and other charity-focused games, are legal in Nebraska. In fact, bingo was legalised as far back as 1958 under Nebraskan law.

Tips for U.S. Players in Nebraska

American players living in Nebraska, should keep the following in mind when gambling in the state:

  • If you want to visit a brick-and-mortar destination, you can legally gamble on slots at one of Nebraska’s three tribal casinos, or travel across state lines to a casino in Iowa.
  • Online gambling isn’t outright banned in the state. If you want to give it a go, simply make sure you sign up at an online casino that accepts players from Nebraska.
  • Always make sure that you meet the legal age requirements.
  • Decide how much money you want to spend per visit or session and stick to it.
  • If you’re playing online and have a small bankroll, place smaller bets to let your money last longer.
  • If you’re more focused on entertainment than winning actual money, search for Free Play Online Casinos or Social Casino Apps. Also find out how to play on Facebook Casinos. These free play options will give you a real casino experience without costing you a thing.


As ascertained from various sources, Nebraska takes a pretty conservative view on gambling. With only a handful of land-based casino venues to choose from, residents who are keen to gamble often prefer to visit sites in its neighbouring state, Iowa. Players who choose to place their bets online, however, have access to a far wider range of virtual casino destinations. And, since Nebraskan law doesn’t outright ban online gambling, it seems to be a legally acceptable betting option certainly worth considering.