New York State

While it can safely be said that everyone knows about the city of New York, many people are quite unaware of the fact that the city itself is located in a state with the same name. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, New York is home to more than 40% of the state’s population, and is synonymous with reinvention, cosmopolitanism, high fashion, business and more. There’s a reason so many songs have been written about this world famous metropolis, and it’s number one on the list for both international and local visitors. It goes without saying that there is something for everyone in New York in terms of sports, entertainment and leisure activities. In this article, we’ll be exploring the Gambling Legislations of this world class locale. What games are legal to play? Are there any mobile social casinos or even social casino apps? Is there advice on how to play Facebook casinos? Can people bet on sports matches? Let’s explore a bit.

New York Online Gambling Licenses

While New York has probably one of the most well-regulated and player-friendly land-based casino legislations, operating under Sections 5 and 225 of the New York consolidated laws, and providing thousands of jobs to people in the state, the area of online gambling is far less clear and concise. With authorities still relatively unsure as to how to create an intrastate online gaming market, many high-profile gaming sites have been forced to stop offering their services to the citizens of the state of New York, under the 1961 Wire Act. However, this law focussed less on the individual wanting to gamble online than on the actual online organisation or bookmaker, and actually specifically referred to telephonic wagering.

Online Gaming Options in New York

Online Casinos

With the above in mind, online gaming enthusiasts still have the option to play at a number of reputable (offshore) international online casinos, as well as fun play casinos (where withdrawals cannot be made), some of which we will look at in a moment. This is because, as yet, there are no USA federal gambling laws prohibiting players from participating in online gambling activity. It must be remembered, though, that many of the most renowned online gaming sites will restrict players who wish to access them from New York (and other states of the USA) so as to protect themselves. For this reason, options like Facebook casinos might not be the most viable. Thankfully, there are indeed some online casinos that are well known for accepting players from New York and the US dollar is an accepted form of currency. However, as with most reputable online casinos, you have the option of testing the games on offer for free before parting with your cash. If you prefer not to use real money at all, you might want to check out what fun play casinos and free play online casinos are available. That being said, different payment and withdrawal options will be applicable depending on where a player is from, but those from New York have a number of options to choose from, including:

  • Credit Cards:
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
  • Web Wallets:
    • PayPal
    • Skrill
  • Cash Transfers:
    • MoneyGram
    • Western Union

Sports Betting

An interesting little fact is that sports betting in New York used to be limited to a number of illegal bookmakers who were backed by organized crime. It is for this very reason that the government wanted to clamp down on such activities. However, with many citizens of New York (and the USA in general) being major fans of sports like baseball and football, it only stands to reason that online gamers would want to get their game on and wager on their favourite teams. With the state being as busy and populous as it is, online sports betting certainly has its perks – being able to wager on, and catch the action, right from the comfort of home. The same rules apply for online sportsbooks as for online casinos, and as long as players themselves are not running an underground online sportsbook, they are free to wager away on sites like:


With sites like the above, players from New York can wager on their favourite sports games, including the biggest names in basketball, football, baseball and more. Using the same payment methods as above, some of these sportsbooks will even allow deposits to be made with virtual currencies like Bitcoin. Horseracing is one of a few forms of gambling that has never really been an issue in terms of red tape and legalities.


Gone are the days when the game of Bingo was limited to dusty halls and pensioners looking for a way to pass the time and win some bucks while at it. Players from New York and around the world now have the chance to enjoy this massively popular game online. Probably one of the most popular choices for those from this state is:

  • Downtown Bingo

As with many online gaming options, this destination can be enjoyed on devices like smartphones and tablets, making it one of the more popular mobile social casinos. Bear in mind, of course, that this site also offers other casino games like table games and poker, so you can find everything you enjoy in one place.


The gaming options listed in this article are certainly not exhaustive, but are a great place to start if you are a player from the state of New York. Many of them are playable on both PC and mobile devices, while some go even further and offer some great social casino apps, so that you can literally play and win even when you’re on the move. Fun play casinos and free play online casinos are a great choice to consider before playing for real money, but most reputable online gaming destinations will allow you to sample the games beforehand in any case. If you’re keen to up the social aspect of your gaming, checking out the Live Dealer section of the various casinos will see you being able to interact with other players, as well as your croupiers, in real time.