North Carolina State

If you love the thrills of gambling, the sights and sounds that land-based casinos have to offer, the freedom to place bets on whatever you like and have been thinking about settling down in North Carolina, then we have a little nugget of wisdom to share with you: it might not be the right place for you. With what is thought to be one of the strictest gambling legislations in the US, and only one land-based casino to make use of, it’s far from every gambler’s dream. But, there is a silver lining: while North Carolina can find you guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanour if you’re caught taking part in any game of chance whatsoever (aside from within the above-mentioned casino), it doesn’t have any hold over you when you choose to play online. And that, my friend, is your golden ticket to entertainment.

Types of Online Casinos

You’ll find everything from fun play casinos and free play online casinos to mobile casinos and even Facebook casinos when you start your online research, with some sites even going so far as to offer advice on how to play on Facebook casinos. That being said, most of these social casino apps offer players the chance for ‘free play’ only – or, at best, pay to play services. With the former, no money is exchanged and casino games are accessed much like any other game from the Play Store or App Store, depending on which device you’re using. With the latter, you’ll pay to be able to access the game, but won’t be able to withdraw any of your funds. As appealing as free fun online slots can be, some players still prefer to wager real money. Why? Because this gives them the chance to win real money.

Safe Online Casinos

As already mentioned, there is no specific law stating that online gambling is illegal in North Carolina, so it’s perfectly reasonable for residents to assume that taking part in this activity is safe, and free of any misdemeanour-related offences. As a further precaution, however, the best move we can think of is to play at online casinos registered outside of the state. Here’s where you’re in luck, as the following casinos are known to accept many players from North Carolina, and should be the first sites you check out before making the move to register an online casino account for the first time.

  • Lucky Red Casino

With plenty of game variants and device compatibility, as well as a higher-than-average welcome bonus on your first deposits, Lucky Red Casino welcomes players from all over the world, including North Carolina. Offering impressive jackpot games that could result in multimillion-dollar wins, it has remained a popular choice for casino enthusiasts since opening its virtual doors back in 2009. They have a 24/7 toll-free hotline dedicated to customer support, tons of games and deposit options and a pretty solid reputation for offering the best casino games around. Rather than being classified as one of the free play online casinos out there, Lucky Red Casino falls into the real play category, meaning that any winnings you make are available for withdrawal to your preferred account.

  • Bovada

If you’re an all-round gambler who loves a mix of traditional casino games and sports betting options, then Bovada is most likely to appeal to your tastes. While blackjack and online slots are very popular, they also have a strong focus on horse racing and many other sportsbook options. There’s also a ‘refer a friend’ policy which can score you some free dollars, as well as an article section which covers all sorts of topics, from sport-related insights to tips on playing poker and much, much more.

  • Slots

Launched in 2013, Casino is every video slot enthusiasts dream. Offering up all sorts of gaming titles, a sizeable welcome bonus and fast cashout times, this is a great option for all players from North Carolina who would like to try mobile casinos for the first time. That being said, is also accessible via desktop platforms, so you don’t have to limit yourself to gaming on your smartphone or tablet – PCs and laptops work just as well. As they operate on a cash for play/win basis, is a real money casino and doesn’t fall into the fun play casinos category.

  • Aladdin’s Gold

Besides looking amazing, Aladdin’s Gold offers players from North Carolina some seriously sizzling weekly offers. While most are deposit-based, it’s truly worth your while to take them up. While not technically a social casino app, Aladdin’s Gold does have an online presence with their Facebook account. Don’t mistake them for one of those Facebook casinos you’ve stumbled across, though – they’re real and legitimate and only use their social media platform to engage with players, not to operate their casino from. If you thought this was the section where we’d be offering tips on how to play on Facebook casinos, I’m afraid we’re going to have to disappoint you this time. We will say that you should be able to get some tips on the web, though, so feel free to search away.

  • Las Vegas USA

While Las Vegas USA Casino doesn’t offer free fun online slots, it does give you the opportunity to preview a few of their games before you put down a real money deposit. On the go since 1999, it has been a favourite of many players from North Carolina for as long as we can remember, and gives off a feel-good American aura with its blue, red and white colour scheme. Offering many different types of games, including progressive jackpots, there really is no going wrong when signing up a new account at Las Vegas USA Casino.


Given the strict laws North Carolina residents need to adhere to when it comes to their land-based gambling activities, it only makes sense for players to focus their attention on online gaming instead. Not to be the bearers of bad news, but given the government’s clear disdain for gambling on all fronts, it could only be a matter of time before residents of this state will face misdemeanour charges in future for online gambling activities. As this is the case, we’re going to leave you with one parting thought, and that is: make hay while the sun shines. Happy gaming, North Carolina!