Tennessee State

The state of Tennessee is the 36th largest state and is bordered by Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama and Missouri. The largest city is Nashville, even though Knoxville, Kingston and Murfreesboro have all been state capitals in the past. Tennessee is, of course, famous for the production of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, but it’s also Memphis in Tennessee that played a big role, through Sun Records, in the launch of the careers of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis.

With such a rich history, and beautiful attractions like the Great Smoky Mountains and the Bristol Motor Speedway, you would think that people don’t even think about gambling. Even though this may be true in a sense, the real truth is that gambling is illegal in the state of Tennessee, which is why most players tend to make use of fun play casinos and Facebook casinos in order to play free and fun online slots.

What is Legal in Tennessee?

If gambling is illegal as previously stated, is there anything that people are allowed to do with regards to gambling? The answer is yes. The only legal option for players from Tennessee is the state lottery, which started in 2004, and was created in order to increase funding for education. The Tennessee Lottery has raised more than $2.6 billion since its inception for educational programmes, and made over $15.8 billion in sales, with the first day that tickets went on sale yielding $1.4 million. No wonder players have tried to figure out how to play on Facebook casinos over the years, as it could be quite an addictive hobby – much like playing the lottery. Tennessee wants to protect its residents at all cost, which is why gambling is illegal, but you can still play free fun online slots at any fun play casino or Facebook casino.

Other great news is that the Fantasy Sports Act of 2016 has made provision for licenses of operators within Tennessee, which means that residents can bet on a limited form of gambling (Fantasy Sports), without the fear of prosecution.

As mentioned, online gambling in Tennessee is completely illegal, and can result in fines, jail time or confiscation of equipment if you are caught breaking the law.

Where to Play in Tennessee

So, if online gambling is illegal in Tennessee and the only form of betting you can do is via the state lottery and Fantasy Sports, what is there to do for someone who wants to play free, fun online slots? The answer is simpler than what you think: for one, you can find out more on how to play on Facebook casinos, or make use of fun play casinos. There are quite a few options if you want to play free and fun online slots, including the likes of Double Down Casino, Slotomania, Big Fish and Zynga, all of which are available as Facebook casinos. To date, there have been no reports, so far, of players having trouble with the law with regards to social play, but please exercise caution when doing so in Tennessee.

Due to the lack of Indian and commercial casinos, regulated casino options are few and far between in Tennessee. There are, however, a number of hotels in and around the state that also have their own casinos:

  • Fitzgerald: Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the Fitzgerald offers Wi-Fi, free parking, an indoor pool, a restaurant and of course, a casino with popular games to enjoy.
  • Gold Strike Casino: Even though this casino and hotel is located in Missouri, it’s still a popular destination for residents from the neighbouring state of Tennessee.
  • Harrah’s Casino: Formerly known as Grand Casino Tunica, Harrah’s Casino is owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment and is located in the neighbouring state of Mississippi.

For players who prefer not to travel too far, there are also online fun play casinos like Hollywood Casino, where you’ll earn reward points and redeem them for complimentary tickets at land-based casinos across the US. Hollywood Casino offers more than 80 free and fun online slots to online players – as mentioned, though, play with caution.


If you are an avid gambler, it’s probably advisable not to move to the state of Tennessee, whether you prefer to gamble online or at a land-based casino. Even though there are land-based options, there are not plenty as they are quite far apart, unless you want to cross the border and go to another state for the weekend.

If you prefer to stay indoors and gamble online, be aware that the Tennessee police are focusing heavily on online activities, especially that of live poker and gambling. The safest option would probably be to enjoy yourself at a fun play casino or play at a Facebook casino. You can, however, take part in the state lottery or bet on Fantasy Sports, as these are completely legal, without fear of prosecution.

If you want to take a chance and find out how to play on Facebook casinos, set yourself a budget at least – even though most of the fun play casinos are free, there may be a time that you would need to make a purchase of credits or coins in order to enjoy the games. Also find out what the repercussions may be if you play online, as you don’t really want to break the law.

Alternatively, enjoy all the attractions in Tennessee, which include:

  • The Great Smoky Mountains: Located on the borders between North Carolina and Tennessee, this landscape includes lush forests and wildflowers that bloom all year. Streams, waterfalls and rivers form part of the attraction as you take a hike on the Appalachian Trail.
  • Graceland: The former home of Elvis Presley is a 13.8-acre estate and a very popular tourist attraction.
  • Dollywood: This theme park owned by Dolly Parton is located in the Knoxville area of Tennessee.
  • Parthenon: Another popular attraction in Nashville, Tennessee, is the full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens, and is located in Centennial Park.

So, instead of going against the law, try out these popular tourist destinations or play it safe with fun play casinos. Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy!