No one knows the exact inception of the game of poker, but what is known is that it extended into the America’s along the banks of the Mississippi and went from being played with a 20 card deck to a 52 card deck, which saw the addition of the flush. Poker popularity really soared in the 1970s when the WSOP (World Series of Poker) began. By the 90s online poker had become a reality and in more recent years the game has once again seen a spike in game play thanks to mobile video poker. Mobile Video Poker does something for players not seen before; it lets the game go with them! That’s right! Thanks to the innovative industrial science behind smartphones and iPhones, poker is a portable game and still a game on which sizeable winnings can be achieved.

Mobile Video Poker - How It Works

Fans of the original online video poker games will be pleased to know that mobile video poker maintains the same playing setup while simply swopping your desktop monitor or laptop screen for one significantly smaller. While much smaller, the smartphone screen does allow for a different type of gameplay in terms of usability. As the mouse is done away and you’re faced with a touchscreen, everything takes places at the touch of a button. With mobile video poker a smoother game is provided through the smartphone and one that is a little more private and personal.

The premise of mobile video poker remains the same. You are given a coin range of 1 to 5 and are dealt 5 cards. Once the cards are issued, you’ll need to choose 3 cards that you’d like to keep while discarding 2. Once you’ve chosen your 3, the mobile casino will issue 2 new cards to replace the ones you have discarded. If the final combination reveals a winning hand, then the game is yours; if not, the casino wins. And that’s really all there is to mobile video poker. Thanks to the nature of this casino game, payouts can come quick as you’re able to make fast decisions in conjunction with a swift and receptive user interface.

Perks of Playing Video Poker On the Go

Video poker is the ideal game for plying online on the go. It plays out fast; it combines the right amount of skill, strategy and luck, and it’s richly rewarding! All you need is a basic knowledge of the hand rankings in poker and you’re good to go.

You can opt to pay for free, just for fun at the top American mobile casinos we recommend, or you can make a deposit and see if you can land a big win with a winning hand. There are also plenty of different variants of video poker available, and although Jacks or Better is the perennial favorite, there’s also top titles like Aces and faces, Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus Poke and so much more just waiting to be enjoyed.

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