As online connectivity has become more constant and widespread, watching and betting on Virtual Sports has too. If you’re interested in expanding your mobile sports betting options, these events offer great markets.

Some Background Basics

Virtual Sports originated from Fantasy Sports and is still connected, but the two categories are relatively distinct. With Fantasy Football and other Fantasy games, you get to create and manage your own team. You cherry-pick real players based on their actual statistics, and the results of the matches are based on how they are really performing.

With Virtual online sports betting, instead of building your own team, the combination of athletes and the outcome of a game are determined with Random Number Generation software. You have no control of who plays against each other. To make the action more enjoyable, the results are recreated with cutting-edge animations.

Both Virtual and Fantasy events use real players, with their current performance histories and fitness levels. That means they are both affected if an athlete is injured in the physical world. You can use the knowledge you have about how a team or individual is doing in reality, to help you to decide what wagers to place.

However, since weather conditions and other factors don’t affect the outcome, predicting the results of a virtual sports event is usually a lot easier. A lot of people use it as a practice ground, before going on to put money on physical races and games. The fact that they are also less susceptible to the increasing issue of match fixing is also very appealing to bettors.

Virtual Sports Markets

There are plenty of options in this desktop and mobile sports betting category. You can put money on Speedway, Greyhound, Horse and Motor Racing, along with Football and Tennis. Interest in this sector keeps growing and technology is always improving, so many more categories are expected in the future. The length of the races or matches is much shorter than in real life, so wagering on them is similar to playing in a casino. However, generally a lot of the same stakes are available.

That means that for Football, you can put money on who will win, the number of goals that will be scored, who will land the first goal, and all the usual markets. With Tennis, you can say who will in a game, set and entire match. For races, your options include who will come first and the order of the finishing places. Some platforms allow in-play as well as pre-game bets, so you can adjust your strategy as you watch the action unfold.

Wagering Tips

When you’re engaging in Virtual online sports betting, our first suggestion is to start small. Although similar to real and Fantasy races or matches, the Random Number Generated versions are also a little different. Give yourself time to get familiar with them and, as always, manage your bankroll carefully and never chase your losses.

The best thing to do, especially when you are starting out with Virtual Sports, is to research the athletes that you’re interested in as much as possible. Check their most recent statistics, and always stay up to date with injury reports.

In races and singles Tennis matches, you only have to consider individuals’ performances. For Football or Tennis doubles, you need to think about how players interact with and influence each other on the field or court.

Try to look at everyone’s performances together, and average them out when you’re predicting who will win. Conducting your desktop and mobile sports betting this way gives you the best chance of walking away with a payout.